Jay Gardner 

I took my first pottery class when I was sixteen at The Artist's Association of Nantucket Island, Massachusetts during a family vacation. They offered month-long classes over the Summer in an old barn just off Main Street. The results were three or four very heavy, very badly trimmed bowls which survive somewhere on a shelf in my mother's house.

During my first year of college I took another pottery class and spent most of my free time in the clay studio. I went on to pursue both a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in music performance and pottery was put on indefinite hold.  

Ten years later, I was working as a reservations agent for a major airline and decided on a whim to take a pottery class. This time the clay bug bit, and for the past sixteen years I have been making wheel-thrown, functional pottery. 

 My work has evolved to embody simple, clean forms with carved surface designs. My functional work is fired either in a high-fire reduction kiln or a salt kiln. My terra cotta bird houses and other pieces destined for patios and gardens are left unglazed.   My influences are the Leach Family, Mark Hewitt, Cynthia Bringle and Robin Hopper. My main goal is to produce pottery that is both beautiful and useful.